The original concept was to launch an exclusive Wine Festival in the Garden Route, where guests could meet and interact with high profile wine makers, taste their current releases and learn about the latest trends in wine making. The first event was held in July 2006.
The now long standing Knysna Wine Festival is the premiere social event of the Knysna Oyster Festival which enjoys more than 100 other events ranging from cycling, running and adventure races to gala evenings, and is expected to draw more then 65 000 people to the beautiful Garden Route town over the 10 days of the festival.
The festival lives its dream of being ‘the best 10 days of winter’ and the entire period fills the greater Knysna to capacity & surrounding towns and local’s benefit immensely.
After 9 hugely successful festivals from 2006 through to 2014 the Knysna Wine Festival has become the premiere social event at the Knysna Oyster Festival.
Today the Knysna Wine Festival is a premiere brand and associated with many of South Africa’s favorite wines and vineyards.


Wine Regards smiliy


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